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Thermal Barrier Ceramic Coatings Tempe, AZ

About AZ Ceramic Coatings

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AZ Custom Coatings specializes in thermal barrier ceramic coatings, Non-stick coatings, dryfilm lubricants and Cerakote firearm coatings. We are a family run business and have been leading the coating industry here in Phoenix, Arizona for over 45 years. Bryan Caudron is owner of AZ Custom Coatings and uses his 30 years of experience to ensure each and every project worked on is of the highest quality and standards. AZ Custom Coatings was established in 2008 has the experience needed to provide the highest quality coatings.
We have built great business relations and enjoy working with our customers. Our business is here to be a team and our part of the job regarding coatings is done with pride, as if it was our own. We guarantee our coatings to be the highest quality and offer a 1 week turnaround.
Bryan Caudron

Reasons to Put Your Trust in Us

When it comes to your high performance parts turn to the most trusted ceramic coating company in Arizona. AZ Custom Coatings is your #1 choice. Our employees work diligently to make sure that your parts are done right taking extra care to mask off areas that don’t require coating and paying attention to every last detail.
  1. Our customers keep coming back
  2. We do the job right the first time
  3. Project are completed in a timely fashion

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

One of the biggest complaints we hear from new customers is that their previous ceramic coating company didn’t do a good job. Either they failed to tape off important and critical areas which caused extra work after delivery or they didn’t get the job done on time. Here at AZ Custom Coatings you don’t have to worry about any of these concerns as our staff members are experienced professionals who understand that each item we coat needs to be done right the first time and done on time. We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed, because we understand this is the only way to run a successful business in a competitive market!