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Thermal Barrier Ceramic Coatings Tempe, AZ

Welcome to AZ Custom Coatings

AZ Custom Coatings specializes in Non-stick coatings, high temperature ceramic coatings, thermal barrier coatings, dry film lubricants, heat dissipation coatings, internal engine coatings and Cerakote firearm coatings. We guarantee satisfaction and quality coatings on every work order. Bryan Caudron is the owner of AZ Custom Coatings with 15 years experience as a mil spec painter for the aerospace industries from 1992-2007. In 2008 AZ Custom Coatings was established and has 13 years experience spraying automotive headers, motorcycle pipes and functional industrial coatings. Our family has been a leader in the coating industry for over 45 years. We will continue to provide the highest quality coatings in the South West Tempe, Arizona. Contact us at AZ CUSTOM COATINGS (480) 201-7279.

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